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Schedule a Consultation: 206.354.0692


I recently saw Danette for permanent eyeliner on both my upper and lower lash line and I couldn't be happier with the results! I have an extremely busy schedule and try to keep my morning routine as minimal as possible. While I don't like to wear a ton of makeup, I also don't feel "put together" if I don't have at least some eye makeup on. Just the little detail of having permanent eyeliner has made a big difference! I can get out of the shower and still look made up in a very natural way. Overall, it's really the time-saving factor that drove me to get this done and I am very happy I did.

The whole process was great – Danette was very kind, explained the whole process beforehand, and I felt completely at ease. For me, the process was painless with the topical anesthetic. I would like to clarify the distinction between discomfort and pain – there was minor discomfort: but only insofar as it's a strange feeling to have an object close to your eye while trying to stay still and not flinch. However, this discomfort should be recognized as separate from feeling pain and I didn't experience any. Additionally, I was very specific about the color and shape of the line that I wanted and Danette nailed it. She also talked me through the process as it was happening so the whole thing went by very quickly. It's well worth doing and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Sally S.

Thank you for a great experience. At my age (64) I welcome whatever life brings. I will really enjoy my beautiful eyeliner for years to come. You rock!

Thanks again,
- Lynita S.

Hi Danette! Everything is going great I absolutely love them (eyebrows)! Thank you again !!

- Ally K.

I have alopecia areata and lost my eyelashes and eyebrows last year. I used eye pencils but I just never looked natural and winced every time I looked in the mirror. I decided to go for permanent makeup but was hesitant as I'd never had any tattoo experience and I wondered if it would really be natural-looking. After some searching, I scheduled an appointment with Danette since she had experience working on alopecians.

If you are thinking about permanent makeup, don't hesitate. It makes a huge and fantastic difference. Now, when I look in the mirror, I recognize my face again. Danette's patient and meticulous work really did give me realistic-looking eyebrows and she was brilliant to suggest gray for my eyeliner. I love not having to worry about accidentally wiping off an eyebrow at work or the gym as well as being able to dash out the door without having to apply makeup. I highly recommend Danette's work; my only regret is not finding her sooner.

- Rebecca E.

"It has been nearly a year since I got my upper and lower lid eye liner applied by Danette. The length of time between this great service an my testimonial is the same reason I paid for this wonderful service. I am much too busy all the time. I am constantly traveling for work, being filmed, lecturing, and putting on eye liner every day not only took a lot of time, but a lot of hassle throughout the day.

Before my permanent eye liner I would leave a good 10 minutes to put on and then, in case it was needed, correct, take off, then re-do my liner. Because I wear contact lenses grease from my eye liner would get on my lenses at least once and usually more times a day. Flakes of liner could fall into my eye and I could have a painful contact lens 'emergency' at any time, even in the middle of a lecture to 200 people. Having to leave a stage to take out a painful contact lens was embarrassing and unprofessional.

Now I wake up in a hotel or at home, so much more ready to go. If I wake up late I don't have to worry about getting on my liner. I no longer run out of a consultation or lecture to adjust a lens, which used to happen about two times a week. Additionally, the lines above and below my eyes are just the right width, which is something I achieved only about 1/2 the time when I applied my own make-up. I love my permanent eye-liner!

And I cannot thank Danette enough for her patience. I am extremely reactive to anything near my eyes and my blink reflex is so strong I was afraid she was going to give up on me. But she did not, and I have saved a lot of time, embarrassment and hassle in my life because of her great work.

Thank you Danette.

"I want to thank you for doing my eye liners, they looks absolutely wonderful! I love the way they came out, I was never able to draw them as good as you did! You really are a make-up artist and I feel so lucky that I came across your website. And the fact that the make-up stays on even when I rub my eyes or wash my eyes is something I absolutely LOVE! Getting ready to go to work or go out is so much faster now. I know that every woman who uses make-up would love this. I am so happy with the results and I can’t wait to get my lips done, too! Thank you!"

- Ioana

"I am so delighted with the eyebrows you gave me. I am a “get up and go” person and not having to “paint” on eyebrows in order to get going has freed me up tremendously. I don’t know why I waited to song to have this done. As I told you, I have been thinking of it for around 6 years, and now that I actually have eyebrows again, I am so happy. You did a beautiful job of covering a scar over my right eye that made me very self-conscious. It is just amazing how something so simple has made me feel so much better about myself. Thank you for your gentle touch and expertise."

- Vicki Mansfield

"I love my permanent eyeliner done by Danette. It's wonderful to not have to bother in the mornings putting liner on. It's much quicker and less messy removing make up at night. Also, camping, swimming and working out you can still have "make up on". Thanks Danette!"

- Marge

"I love my eyeliner! Everyone who has seen it says how good it looks and it’s very easy to add to for an evening out yet allows me to just add mascara and go for the days I don’t have as much time. Danette was extremely professional and patient with me. She explained the procedure and after care very thoroughly and I felt prepared by the time she did the procedure. It only took an hour and she went as far as to check in with me afterwards just to see if I had any questions or concerns! Talk about customer service…

Thank you Danette and I recommend you to anyone looking to have their eyeliner or anything else done."

- Michele

"Danette is an accomplished artist. She takes the plain and ordinary and transforms it into something uniquely beautiful. She was patient and encouraging to me even when I became restless. I appreciated the way she walked me thru the process so I always knew what to expect next."

- Pamela S.

"I travel 70+ miles one way to see Danette. I would not trust anyone else for permanent cosmetics. I have been coming to see her since 1998. Love love love the results."
- Barb G.

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