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Schedule a Consultation: 206.354.0692

Permanent Eyebrows - Seattle

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to eyebrows that are already on and correctly shaped? Think about how much time you’d save.
Eyebrows are created using the hairstroke method. Whether the brows are sparse or no hair at all, the goal is to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Procedures include:

  • 3D Eyebrows
  • Microblading
  • Feather Stroke Eyebrows
  • Ombre Eyebrows
  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows
  • Powder Fill Eyebrows

Before the Procedure

If you love the eyebrow shape that you currently draw in, then you can come to your appointment with them drawn in. If you are unsure about shape and need some guidance, then we will work on shape together.  No two sides of the face are even, so we want to make sure the brows we draw and then tattoo will be even.

We will also make sure that the chosen shape is the most flattering for your face. Tattooing will not begin until you are satisfied with the shape.

There is no need to remove eyebrow hairs that are within the shape we want to achieve. Please do not shave off your eyebrows.

During the Procedure

The eyebrow procedure is completed using the hair stroke technique. The closer the strokes are together, the more filled in the eyebrow will look. The slower the strokes, the more they resembles hair. The faster the strokes, the more they give a soft background appearance. The end result will be determined before the procedure begins.

Tattooing will take approximately 45 minutes. After the procedure, your eyebrows will appear darker than how you would want them to look when they are healed.  Within a week, the dark layer will slough off, and the softer color which is your tattoo will be what remains.

After the Procedure

I will see you 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure to do any necessary touch- ups, such as darkening, thickening, adding a stroke, etc. There is no charge for this appointment.

Depending on the depth of color chosen, permanent makeup for eyebrows will last between 3-5 years for brunettes and 1 1/2-2 years for blondes. There will still be color; the eyebrows will just get lighter over the years. Years down the road when it is time to come back for a touch-up, then only a touch-up rate will apply.



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From My Clients

“Thank you for a great experience. At my age (64) I welcome whatever life brings. I will really enjoy my beautiful eyeliner for years to come. You rock!”

Lynita S.

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