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Seattle Permanent Cosmetic
Tattoo Artist Danette Proszek

It is important that the technician performing your permanent cosmetic procedure is not only knowledgeable in the medical field, but has a cosmetic and artistic background as well. A consultation should be required to allow you to discuss the information presented to you, and for your technician to evaluate the information concerning your health issues. This is a very good time for you to determine if you are "communicating" with each other. It is important that your particular individual needs are addressed at this time, but your artist and technician should also be willing to give you suggestions based on her expertise in the unique field.

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Seattle Permanent Cosmetics

The role of today’s typical woman is very demanding. She wants a career, family, a home, and she wants to look great throughout her average sixteen hour day. With intradermal cosmetics this is no longer a fantasy, and no longer for celebrities only.

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Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrow Revision

Eyebrows are created using the hairstroke method. Whether the brows are sparse or no hair at all, the goal is to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible.

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Permanent Lips

Full Lip Color

Permanent full lip makeup creates youthful, symmetrical lips. During the procedure lips will be lined to give you fullness and definition.

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Permanent Eyeliner

Permanant Eyeliner

This can be a fine, thin line right in the lashes or the liner can be fuller in the outside corners and tapered in closer to nose.

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Plalloplasty Medical Tattooing

Phalloplasty Medical Tattooing

Danette is the first and only artist in the Pacific NW who offers this service.

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From My Clients

“Danette is an accomplished artist. She takes the plain and ordinary and transforms it into something uniquely beautiful. She was patient and encouraging to me even when I became restless. I appreciated the way she walked me thru the process so I always knew what to expect next.”

Pamela S.

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