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There is no mystery about permanent cosmetics. It is generally performed with an electrical instrument, but can be performed with a hand held tool. Both procedures involve a needle or "probe" which inserts pigment under the skin. The feeling can be slightly uncomfortable at times, however, with the use of topical anesthetics available through a doctors office such as Another You Permanent Cosmetics provides, most people find very little discomfort, and say the long lasting effects are well worth the effort. The results can very depending on the skill of the artist and technician operating the device. The bottom line is "do your homework". Understand that a machine in the hands of a skilled artist can produce a work of art, but in the hands of unskilled artists, the results can be very disappointing. Hand held tools are generally easier for a beginner to learn with, and can have limited uses. No matter what the technique, the outcome should be the same, polished, yet soft and natural looking. I find the use of the traditional electrical coil machine to be the perfect blend to create fine "hairs" in the brow area, crisp lip lines, or soft subtle shading for eyeliners, and full beautiful lips. I feel your permanent facial makeup should be "realistic looking", not just a series of dots placed under the skin to form a shadow of color. This is your face, and you want the confidence to present it radiantly.

Permanent Eyeliner

This can be a fine, thin line right in the lashes or the liner can be fuller in the outside corners and tapered in closer to nose. The liner color can be more of the natural tones - browns to black, or it can actually be more colorful - green, blue, etc. Width and color are client preference.

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are created using the hairstroke method. Whether the brows are sparse or no hair at all, the goal is to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible.

Full Lip Color

Lined and fully filled in with color. The lip liner does not need to stand out more than the fill. The main purpose for the liner is to give definition and to give back the fullness of the lips when the lips are filled in. "Color" can be very natural.

Lip Liner

Gives definition to lips.

Areola Repigmentation

This is a great procedure for women who have lost their natural areolas. Whether there is an existing areola that needs to be matched or if both need to be recreated, there are many options for the size, shape and color.

Beauty Marks

A simple beauty mark to enhance features.


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